Fifth day Gathering Sounds With A Portable Audio Recorder (Tibetan Singing Bowls)


Tibetan Singing Bell Bowls have been used as instruments for producing healing sounds by monks in Tibet for many centuries, in fact it’s believed that the first singing bowls were made in Mesopotamia around five thousand years ago.

These mysterious objects have gained interest and much curiosity by western society when travelers managed to bring these along with them after having visited the Himalayas.

It’s also believed by some people that along with the different metals, legends say that meteorite iron would have also been used as one of the primary metals, being maybe one of the reasons the authentic Tibetan singing bowls produced such a unique sound. Tibetan monks state that they replicate the sound of the Void and of the Dharma and when striking and ringing these bells the positive healing vibration could have the power to undo the negative energy of those trying to destroy the world by restoring harmony brought about by the force of Dharma.

Although the manufacturing of the modern singing bowls only use metals like copper and tin they can still produce a high quality reverberation when struck.

These extraordinary sound healing instruments are now also largely used by sound healers and music therapists along with many yoga practitioners.

Personally I began using singing bowls to heal my headaches and now simply use them by meditating or contemplating on the sound. Monks also believed the sound of a good singing bowl not only affects the person who plays it but also the entire surrounding area and even to distances where the sound can no longer be physically heard.

Maybe due to my fascination with singing bowls I decided to base my project on the sounds generated by these “instruments” and therefore recorded some tracks from the three singing bowls I have.

After having collected some sounds I then began experimenting adding some filters and editing these sounds with a software recommended by our tutors called Reaper and later used an additional plugin called The Mangle to further add some sound effects.

Tibetan Singing Bowl #G688
Three Singing Bowls

Author: JCParente

More than an artist I'm a naturalist, for me to be outside in direct contact with nature is what enhances my well being and completes my soul. I don't attempt to portray actual plants, animals or people, I do attempt to reflect their true nature through my work and this is what brings it to life, for life has no meaning without the content of nature in it. To be surrounded with beauty that pays tribute to mother nature is to reconnect not only with nature but also with our true selves.

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