Third day Gathering Sounds With A Portable Audio Recorder (Ocean Waves)

(Crosby Beach)

This would be the third day experimenting with a portable audio recorder (Zoom H1n) where also I had the opportunity to visit Crosby Beach as to attempt to record natural sounds from the sea-side, even though having recorded some nature sounds from parks and from walking in the woods for the project I was looking to capture the soothing sound effects of waves on the beach.

After some attempts of recording sounds near the cost during the winter periods I decided to postpone this and try again later during spring or summer time as I struggled with the limited resources I had when recording the sounds of the waves at Crosby beach, it was unsuccessful because unfortunately the day I had available for the field recording was spoiled by the strong winds and rain brought about by Storm Gareth.

The wind was so strong it blew away the “cat-fur” from the audio recorder and obviously the sound didn’t have good quality afterwards.

Although I didn’t get the sounds I wanted I did get some great pictures from Crosby Beach taken in March 2019.


Author: JCParente

More than an artist I'm a naturalist, for me to be outside in direct contact with nature is what enhances my well being and completes my soul. I don't attempt to portray actual plants, animals or people, I do attempt to reflect their true nature through my work and this is what brings it to life, for life has no meaning without the content of nature in it. To be surrounded with beauty that pays tribute to mother nature is to reconnect not only with nature but also with our true selves.

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