Second day gathering sounds with a portable audio recorder (Rain Sounds)


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I have been waiting for some opportunities to record some rain sounds and this is what I did when I was at home, as soon as it started to rain I setup the audio recorder outside my garden and left it under a waterproof gazebo. I left the audio recorder unattended for about an hour or so and later would come back to it, I also recorded some rain sounds from inside a car while diving. Although having recorded some good quality sounds of rain for short periods of time there seemed to be too much noise from vehicles passing by as I live near a busy road.

Driving in the rain

Rain Under a Tent


Author: JCParente

More than an artist I'm a naturalist, for me to be outside in direct contact with nature is what enhances my well being and completes my soul. I don't attempt to portray actual plants, animals or people, I do attempt to reflect their true nature through my work and this is what brings it to life, for life has no meaning without the content of nature in it. To be surrounded with beauty that pays tribute to mother nature is to reconnect not only with nature but also with our true selves.

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