First day gathering sounds with a portable audio recorder (Swan Sounds)

(Handsworth Park in Birmingham City)

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Today (25thFebruary 2019) would be the first day that I learned how to record some sounds by participating in the field recording workshop with Ana Rutter and Lee Hewett our tutors for this project spaces and sounds from Birmingham School of Art.

We went to Handsworth Park in Birmingham City where everyone would walk around the park with an audio recorder and record whatever sounds would be most appropriate for our projects.

There would be a variety of sounds from trains and planes to swans and birds and even the chatter of people walking in the park. It was quite impressive the quality of the sounds I was able to capture, I also learned how to work with the functions of the audio recorder (Roland R-26) like adjusting the settings of the sound limiter as to reduce the dynamic range of the signals that pass through the microphones as to prevent any signals from clipping and distorting, as this is a useful function that could prevent the recording signal going into the red. I was also explained that by saving the files in an uncompressed format like WAV instead of the compressed file formats like MP3 would be best for retaining the maximum quality and clarity of sounds.


Author: JCParente

More than an artist I'm a naturalist, for me to be outside in direct contact with nature is what enhances my well being and completes my soul. I don't attempt to portray actual plants, animals or people, I do attempt to reflect their true nature through my work and this is what brings it to life, for life has no meaning without the content of nature in it. To be surrounded with beauty that pays tribute to mother nature is to reconnect not only with nature but also with our true selves.

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